Cheats Naruto Shippuden 4 for PS2

Dec 1, 2011

Cheats Naruto Shippuden 4 for PS2 become a winner in the game, find more tricks and tactics. I wanted to share my experience playing the cheat of naruto shippuden 4, collect some characters, strategy to finish job quest mission. Make sure you still hold the game, look down for information :

How to earn 100,000 yen ?
Start new game of Naruto Shippuden 4 automatically, have a Narutimate Hero 3 save on your memory card.
Play as Kyubi Mode character ?
To play as stronger Kyubi forms of certain characters, first unlock each character in the game (including the 4th Hokage). Now, to unlock the special form of the character you want, select him or her from the character select screen while holding down Circle. (O)
Collect more Characters ?
You get automatically unlock all of the characters in a game by having an NH3 saved game on your memory card. However, the following of characters can just be unlocked by beating them in RPG mode : Chiyo, Uchiha Clan. To unlock Yondaime, complete Hero Mode.
Character Description
To unlock char below fulfill the specified requirements. Keep in mind that all of the requirements below should be executed while playing Hero Mode.

Gaara (Old Version)Defeat his full Shukaku version using Naruto
Godaime Hokage (Tsunade)Unlock the scene where she attacks Orochimaru
HakuDefeat him
JiraiyaUnlock the scene where Naruto protects Tsunade from Kabuto
KabutoDefeat him using Naruto
Kankurou (Old Version)Unlock the scene of his fight against Shino during Konoha's Invasion
Nidaime HokageUnlock the scene of Sanaime's funeral
OrochimaruYou get him after Naruto fights him
Sandaime HokageDefeat Orochimaru using him during Konoha's Invasion
ShizuneUnlock the scene where Tsunade attacks Orochimaru
Temari (Old Version)Unlock the scene of her fight against Shikamaru during the Chuunin Exams
ZabuzaDefeat him
DiederaUnlock in Master Mode after facing him with Gaara
SasoriUnlock in Master Mode after facing him with Kankuro
KisameUnlock in Master Mode after facing him and his water clones with Lee, Tenten, Neji and Guy
ItachiUnlock in Master Mode after facing him and his shadow clones with Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto
Granny ChioUnlock her by finishing Master Mode

4th Hokage
Complete Hero Story Mode

How to unlock all characters?
Press Up > Circle > Triangle > R1 R2 > Down > Down > Square 

Find tsubaki in the forest of delusion ?
Check the map (not the full map) and you can see a red dot and go the red dot and you're at Tsubaki's house. Then jiraiya told you to go to the crystal cave and find aoi. P.S : After you found aoi you have to fight the black shadow. It views like a fox or something. He is the hardest guy to beat you know.

Mothers gift for his son !
Go talk to her in the sand village then go outside the sand village gate there will be a man (maybe calles the bettler) talk to her and take the gift called hookage ninja tool set.. then go to that lady again talk to her and request sucess !

Get kyuubi six tail's
In the game press: up, up, up, triangle, triangle, circle
Unlock all naruto characters
In the master mode, find the all missing frogs... after that go to shop and buy all the videos. then save your profile,,, after saving you need to restart your ps2. in the title screen, up,up,left,left,right,down,up,x,up,o,triangle,, Enjoooy !
Unlock yellow flash
First you must finish the every piece of memory in hero mode.

If you have ultimate ninja 3 all your old charaters will be transfered to ultimate ninja 4
Naruto create a character
If you go to lee in the hidden leaf and talk to him 50 rounds, then you can create a new character.
Get kyuubi four tails
In meny press : rigt rigt left up down
Get kyuubi six tails
In meny press : Left left right up down

Unlock all character
Press Left, left, right, right, triangle, square
All peoples
R2 R2 O O O X

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